Thursday, August 16, 2007


Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

Orange County Fair & Exposition Center.

It's ... Reef-A-Palooza '07!

Even if you don’t enjoy cheesy impersonations of monster truck rally announcers, there’s no doubt you’ll have a blast at this year’s Reef-A-Palooza.

Kevin T. Adams, President of the Southern California Marine Aquarium Society, summed up the event perfectly on Reef-A-Palooza's official website,

"The main purpose of Reef-A-Palooza is to provide an enjoyable, positive atmosphere that is conducive to education and trade of both product and knowledge. As such, participating vendors range from large manufacturers, to retailers, to small livestock sellers, and participating hobbyists range from the beginner to the elite, rare-species coral farmer. It is the perfect venue to showcase new products in the marine aquarium industry as well as retail products for sale. We strive to rally a diverse range of participants into the one-day event so as to present the best value and interest to everyone involved. Considering our current bookings and the popularity of previous years, we expect 60+ vendors/exhibitors and well over 1,000 attendees this year!"

Most importantly, don’t forget to stop by the Marine Depot booth. To ensure you don’t get lost, I’ve included a map for your navigating convenience.

See you there!