Monday, November 26, 2007

Attack of the Giant Sea Scorpions!

For a second there, you might've thought this was a review about some long-lost sci-fi film from the 50s.

Well, think again.

British scientists announced on Tuesday that they've discovered a fossil claw in Germany belonging to the biggest bug ever known.

Yahoo! News picked up the story by way of the Associated Press and have a short film clip to accompany the article. Not to be outdone, National Geographic ran their own version of the story; both were released November 21.

In case you were wondering (or worried), we don't mention marine stories such as this in our blog because we've run out of ideas for fresh content.

We just figure you're probably interested in the same stuff we are, so we figure it doesn't hurt to provide a link. It's good to think outside the box (or aquarium, as it were) once in a while.