Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Making the world brighter. One L.E.D. at a time

The Sixties were an important time in American history.

The social and political upheaval that occurred during that era changed our country—and the world—forever.

Arguably the biggest contribution of the decade occurred in 1967 when ├╝ber toy manufacturer Hasbro invented the Lite Brite.

Now, you may be asking yourself what this has to do with Current USA’s new PowerBrite aquarium light. Well … not much, it turns out.

Yet, whenever I turn on the PowerBrite to illuminate my tank, I find myself singing that undeniably catchy jingle, “Lite Brite, Lite Brite / Turn on the magical shining light!”
Altogether now!

Anyway, it seems like every aquarium company is competing lately, especially in providing the best lighting for your tank. Fortunately for Current USA, they hit the nail on the head with their new PowerBrite system.

Installation was a snap: I plugged in the cord, mounted the PowerBrite into my canopy using the supplied hardware and, within an hour, had beautiful new hues kaleidoscopically irradiating my 12-gallon nano.

Assuming you have adequate flow, the PowerBrite LEDs will add a vibrant shimmering
effect to your tank similar to what metal halides produce but with less heat build up.

I perched the PowerBrite atop another aquarium to illustrate how much the 50/50 LEDs can impact the appearance of your tank.

The first of the three photos shows an aquarium with normal 50/50 Power
Compact lighting. The second photograph is using only Current USA’s PowerBrite system. And finally, picture three combines both the PowerBrite system with the 50/50 Power Compacts.

As you can see, the differences in colors were dramatic.

There was a slight increase in temperature—from 79.7°F to 80.0°F—within an hour of adding the new lights. This was of no consequence in my system, yet worth noting.

I should also caution potential buyers who experience a lot of water evaporation that the PowerBrite’s LED lights could short out if they’re attached to a flip-top style canopy that doesn’t have sufficient ventilation or fans to draw out heat.

Final Thought: These lights are a great, inexpensive way of illuminating your tank. The different combinations of LED lights create an electrifying look on your rocks, coral and entire aquaria. I’ve recommended this product to three other hobbyists and, over the holidays, they agreed that the PowerBrite is an awesome addition to your aquarium.