Friday, February 15, 2008

Pom Pom Crab sans Pom Pom

We've had a Pom Pom Crab in the marketing tank for 9-10 months and recently we noticed that one of his/her "pom poms" was missing.

Normally the Pom Pom is pretty coy and cautious about coming out of the rockwork, but recently we began feeding the tank a little less to help thwart an issue we were having with
flatworms, so the Pom Pom has been coming out into the open more ... which is how we noticed the missing pom pom.

So we're curious: is this normal, or was the Pom Pom perhaps injured somehow?

cleaner and coral banded shrimps molt, so I wasn't really sure if this little crab goes through similar changes. We don't have any predators in the tank except for, perhaps, the coral banded. We have your usual mix of snails, hermits and fish (clown, midas & scooter blennys and a blue assessor).

I described this scenario in the
Marine Depot Forum this morning, so hopefully some of you help us find an answer.

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