Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Best of the Best 2009

Last week we sent an email to our members that included a short "best of the best" list.

The response has been very positive so we thought we'd follow up to share a little of the criteria that went into making the list.

The first thing we looked at were 2009 sales and demand. Not the revenue generated from sales, but the number of units sold (popularity). Because these items sell so well and word-of-mouth is so positive, sometimes we have trouble keeping them in stock. Yet even when we sell out, shoppers desire these products enough to purchase them on backorder.

Next up: variety. we wanted to make sure that the most popular, "mass appeal" product categories were covered. Additives, lighting, food, salt mix, pumps, protein skimmers and, of course, an aiptasia eliminator.

Customer ratings and reviews are the foundation of the email. It was a requirement that every item on the list average at least a 4 star (out of a possible 5) customer rating.

The last thing we looked at was pricing. We carry hundreds of outstanding products, no doubt about it, but some are a little too rich for the average reefer's budget. That's why we created three price thresholds, under $20, under $100 and under $200. Of course, since most high-ranked best sellers are under $200 anyway, this part was easy.

So there you have it. Nothing too terribly scientific about it. Just the best of the best, plain and simple. Check out the list for yourself