Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Exclusive: ReefKeeper Holiday Pack

With the holiday shopping season now in full swing, we are pleased to announce this kick wrasse controller pack you'll find only at

Here's what you'll get for $169.99:

  • 1 x ReefKeeper Lite head unit
  • 1 x PC4 (four outlet power strip)
  • 1 x SL1 (pH, ORP, temp, and 2 x switch inputs)
  • 1 x iTemp temperature probe
  • 1 x (FREE) DA pH probe
  • 1 x SID (USB system interface device)
  • 6 x Mounting screws
If you were to purchase these items separately, you'd end up paying an additional $40. Fortunately, Digital Aquatics is hooking up shoppers with this sweet holiday package deal (while supplies last, of course).

So what kinds of cool stuff will you do with your new controller? Here's a few ideas:
  • Monitor aquarium pH
  • Mimic ocean currents/tides
  • Monitor and control tank temperature
  • Automate your day and evening lighting
  • Brag to friends that paid more for their RKLs
For more sweet seasonal specials, hop on over to, like, now!