Friday, May 30, 2014

A new AquaMaxx HOB Skimmer with EXTRA OOMPH!

For hobbyists that have been searching for a great hang-on skimmer, here is one that you should take a close look at.

Following the proven and incredibly popular AquaMaxx HOB-1 skimmer, the HOB-XC shares many of the great design features while being a little larger to make it more effective for bigger aquariums. While the HOB-1 is rated for aquariums up to 75 gallons, the HOB-XC can handle aquariums up to 90 gallons.

The AquaMaxx HOB-XC utilizes a high-quality Italian-made Cobalt Aquatics pump that is specifically designed for protein skimmer applications. As the pump is the heart of a protein skimmer, having a great pump is definitely something to look for.

AquaMaxx goes the extra step of fabricating a custom needlewheel impeller to maximize the performance of the pump and minimize the size of the air bubbles for improved performance. For skimmer performance, having many smaller air bubbles is better than fewer larger air bubbles as the smaller air bubbles will have much more surface area to attract proteins.

The finely-chopped air bubbles are then sent to the skimmer reaction chamber though a bubble diffuser plate that minimizes turbulence and allows for a smoother transition to the collection cup.

One convenient feature that the HOB-XC has is the designated heater column. The extra chamber between the reaction chamber and the water return chamber allows you to install a heater up to 250W. Having a clunky heater in the aquarium is often quite an eye sore; this convenient feature allows you to hide the heater inside the skimmer and out of sight. The heater column also helps to reduce micro-bubbles.

The HOB-XC also features an air silencer to reduce noise and a convenient collection cup drain to allow you to drain the skimmate into a separate container.

The sleek back body gives the skimmer a nice modern look that is easy to blend in to your aquarium. The clear side panels allow you to easily view inside the skimmer.

With all the right features, great build quality and a high-performance/dependable Italian-made pump, the new AquaMaxx HOB-XC should be an awesome skimmer for anyone looking for a great hang-on-back skimmer for their 50-90 gallon aquariums.

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