Reeftopia, Part III

I had been working for a few months in my new position and it was time to move to a new desk. Over the past few months I had collected quite the collection of supplies and product information considering I provide support for the aquarium hobbyist. Desk drawers were full and I had barely enough room for the mouse…considering they had elected me to also be the coffee pot desk.

Needless to say I was thrilled about moving to a larger desk. Until I realized this also meant I had to up and move my recently established Reeftopia. I figured I could remove most of the water and carry the almost empty tank to the new location. I planned on leaving the live rock and coral in the same arrangement. The inhabitants would be exposed no more than 60 seconds until I could refill the aquarium. This would have minimal impact on the inhabitants and I would not have to rearrange the rock and coral.

So I drained the tank into some 5 gallon buckets and asked for a helping hand in carrying the tank…just in case. The trek to the new location did not go as planned. Immediately after picking the tank up from the desk on small rock fell out of place. No big deal I said to myself…just one rock.

The tank was heavier than I thought. Carrying an unbalanced tank was awkward and nerve-racking. We get to the new desk and just as we set it down some of the upper regions of rock tumbled over. I cussed at myself a little and began to remove all of the rock and coral from the tank into the 5 gal buckets.

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I filled the tank up about halfway with existing water and returned the rock in a new arrangement. Then I placed the loose pieces of coral that were not attached to rock or plugs back into the tank, filled the rest of the system with new Catalina water and preceded to setup the filtration. Fish were the last things to go back home.

At that point, it was already dark and time to go home. I’m certain I grew some gray hairs that day.

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