Reef Central

One of the sites recommended to me when I joined Marine Depot back in April was Reef Central.

Being new to the industry—and the hobby, as it were—I had a lot to learn. I’d been perfecting my craft, working in e-commerce since 2002. However, nothing really prepared me for what I’d have to learn … until I got an aquarium.

If you’re new to the hobby, looking to connect with other reefers or simply looking for info, give Reef Central a try.

The October issue of Reefkeeper Magazine is now available online so heed my advice (actually my boss’s … no wait, actually, like, our entire customer service department’s advice) and check it out.

They have a great Top 10 this month and the Newbie Corner offers helpful info on water for n00bs like me.

If you have any sites to recommend, feel free to leave us a comment with the URL so we can share them with other readers. Thanks!

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