The New Hydor Koralia Nano is here! Your Nano tank just got bigger

Over the vast land of the internet I have been reading rumors and speculation about Hydor making a nano version of their Koralia series. For weeks, office talk suggested that what I have been reading and hoping for has come true. Today, proudly carries the Hydor Koralia Nano.

That’s right, folks. For a mere 30 USD this baby will flow 240 gallons per hour, at a low 3.5 watts. Aimed for the 10-15 gallon tank keepers, you are sure to get that water moving to keep those fish and corals happy.

Not wanting to leave our European friends out, here is the European pitch:

That’s right, folks. For approximately € 21.15 EUR this baby will flow 900 litres per hour, at a low 4.5 watts. Aimed for the 35 thru 50 litre tank keepers, you are sure to get that water moving to keep those fish and corals happy.

Upon receiving my Hydor, I opened the box and examined the design. It’s similar to the other Koralia counterparts except in size; it’s about the size of an egg.

The installation was very simple: take it out of the box, place it against your glass inside your tank and then apply the magnet to the other side of the glass, plug in and you’re done! It started up a bit noisy at first, but as soon as that puppy got a minute to get adjusted, my water was propelling.

Now my Maroon Clown, Malcolm, is in heaven. I often find him swimming against the current with a slight smile on his face.

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With Hydor’s patented magnet support for rotational positioning I can move the flow anywhere I want and, for 29.99 (or 21.15 euros); it’s great for the budget.

Well that is it for my review, until next time, readers.

Blow, baby, blow!