Holiday Treats for the Animals

Marine Depot is visiting the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach on December 2 to celebrate the season during the Holiday Treats for the Animals event. Would you like to join us? Here’s more info from their website. In celebration of the holiday season, Scuba Santa will be delivering an ocean of gifts to […]

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The Reefers’ Wish List

Happy Holidays, hobbyists! We’ve chosen 10 best sellers (in honor of our 10-year anniversary) from our huge selection to create a holiday gift guide of sure-fire hits. Maybe it will inspire you to create your own wish list using the Email to a Friend functionality in our online shopping cart. Click here to check out […]

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Star Clownfish

The marketing department recently lost one of our two clownfish. I say “lost” because we searched high and low for her carcass but came up empty-handed (literally). Our remaining clownfish eventually healed from the stress and disease plaguing our tank and emerged a different fish. The first noticeably different change is new, darker coloring around […]

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Attack of the Giant Sea Scorpions!

For a second there, you might’ve thought this was a review about some long-lost sci-fi film from the 50s. Well, think again. British scientists announced on Tuesday that they’ve discovered a fossil claw in Germany belonging to the biggest bug ever known. Yahoo! News picked up the story by way of the Associated Press and […]

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One of our favorite blogs, 120 Gallons, is giving away T-shirts to reefers who call into their radio show/podcast. Of course, you could always buy one from us … but scoring one for free is even better! The 120 Gallons podcast is recorded on select Sundays at 8 PM EST. In the latest edition, […]

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Having a Ball: Non-profit organization builds undersea habitats

The Wall Street Journal printed an article on October 26 entitled, “From Balls of Concrete to Habitats for Sea Life: ‘Designer Reefs’ Proliferate As a Tool to Counter the Toll of Pollutants, Overfishing.” Our staff was moved by the story and wanted to learn more. We got in touch with the chairman of the Reef […]

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Octopus Kills Shark

I stumbled across this video earlier today on National Geographic’s website and couldn’t resist sharing it with you. I didn’t see a way to easily embed the footage into our blog so I just took a screenshot and hyperlinked it back to NG. While you’re there, you might as well check out some other movies, […]

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