Marine Aquarist Courses Online

Marine Aquarist Courses Online (MACO
) is proud to be offering a new series of unique courses designed with the hobbyist in mind. Take a look at the website to find more information on the following courses:

  • Reef Microbiology – The course is set up to cover the current scientific literature regarding nutrient cycling and the biology of bacteria in our marine aquaria. The course starts next week!
  • Reef Chemistry – The chemistry course starts at the beginning and covers the basics about what you need to know to maintain a healthy reef in regards to marine chemistry. It is designed to start with the basics of chemistry and highlight exactly what you need to know. This course starts the week of January 14th and lasts for 6 weeks.
  • Fish Husbandry – Set to begin on April 2, 2008. This course covers fish biology, habitat, and maintenance in the aquarium. A definite course for anyone who loves aquarium fishes and wants to know more.

MACO courses are completed entirely online. Each course consists of open access to the website and reading materials, a forum specifically to interact with the instructor and participants at any time, and a weekly chat session (each week’s transcript will be posted if you can’t make the chat). You will retain access to the website and materials forever once you register for the course.

Hop over and look over the website for an example course and more registration details.

See you in class!

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