Ocean Pods Aquacultured Marine Copepods

This seemed like a pretty cool product so I figured I’d throw it on the blog this morning to see if any of our readers have experience with Ocean Pods Aquacultured Marine Copepods.

The following blurb comes direct from the Ocean Pods website (with a few added links to MDL to identify livestock):

Ocean Pods is a unique product for the hobbyist. It is a combination of 3 species of copepods for starting or restocking your live rock copepod populations.

Ocean Pods are 100% aquacultured copepods that have been field-tested with multiple species of fish and invertebrates to ensure that there are not harmful interactions with your tank inhabitants.

They can be added directly to your tank and make a great live food for mandarin gobies, seahorses, pipefish, yellow tangs, clownfish, scooter blennies, corals, ornamental shrimp and many more species enjoyed by reef enthusiasts.

Is this something Marine Depot should carry?

Does anyone out there have first-hand experience using this product? I sent it over to customer service and purchasing to evaluate, but thought we’d better check the pulse of the community, too.

Lets us know what YOU think.

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