Yellow Tangs for the bargain price of $150

I thought that headline might get your attention.

Sadly, it’s not a joke.

There is a bill that the Hawaiian Legislature is considering that could raise the prices of all aquarium fish coming from that region of the world.

You can find the Bill here.

To give you the short version, the bill will limit the collection of marine ornamentals in Hawaii to 20 fish per collector with a maximum of 5 yellow tangs per day. The bill will also put a no take policy on all pufferfish, boxfish, potter’s angel, cleaner wrasse, eels and many others. This bill will essentially shut down the tropical fish industry in Hawaii which will include the items from Christmas Island and Marshall Islands.

This proposal and many like it around the world are making us face a sad truth. The fish store we call the ocean is not going to be “open” forever.

There is only one thing we as responsible aquarists can do to keep the oceans open. Marine ornamental aquaculture needs to grow to protect this valuable resource. This shouldn’t be limited to large aquaculture facilities. The home aquarist can make a difference as well.

Starting today, this will be my new cause, bringing you, the reader, the latest and greatest in marine aquaculture.

For now, we as a community need to stand unified to keep our oceans open. There are many people online who are calling Senator Clayton Hee, the creator of the bill, to voice their opinion. I’m not at liberty to give out his office number, but if you do a little searching I’m sure you can find it.

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