No Payments for 90 Days

Those of you who shop at our our store have probably noticed some new messaging lately about Bill Me Later.

What the heck is Bill Me Later, you ask?

Bill Me Later is a fast, secure and easy way to pay at Marine Depot (and hundreds of other online stores) without ever opening your wallet to use a credit card.

In fact, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Place items in your shopping cart
  2. Select Bill Me Later at checkout
  3. Answer two simple questions
    and accept the terms

That’s it! Approval takes just seconds, then you’ll get a statement in the mail. It’s that easy.

But what I really wanted to tell you all about was our new BML offer: No Payments for 90 Days on purchases of $300 or more (or, if you prefer: 90 Days Same as Cash on purchases of $300 or more)!

If you’re wondering “How does this affect me?” or “Why should I care?”, I’m gonna tell ya.

If you’re anything like meridiculously rich and devilishly handsome—naw, what I mean is most of us aren’t rich and may not have a grand to spend on an aquarium light in any given month.

The beauty of Bill Me Later is that you can make your regular purchases (food, filter media, etc.) and, when the time comes, you can buy that thousand dollar light. And, as long as you pay it off within 3 months, you won’t be charged a dime in interest.

90 days same as cash: it’s a beautiful thing.

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Next aquarium purchase for me: a protein skimmer (finally!).

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