Responsible Reef Keeping

As promised in my post last week on $150 Yellow Tangs, I am going to start bringing you the, the reader, the latest in Marine Ornamental Aquaculture.

This week, I would like to bring to your attention a website that has an ever growing library of information on this subject, MarineBreeder.org.

Coming up on it first anniversary, this site already boasts over 500 members dedicated to the “Art & Science” of breeding fish and inverts.

In the forums you will find over 16,500 articles posted on many common aquarium species.

For a bit of freindly competition check out the 2008 Breeder’s Challenge. This years choice of fish, the Bangaii Cardinal, is especially important because:

“We can anticipate the Bangaii Cardinalfish to be deservingly listed with CITES under Appendix II protection.” Matt Pedersen (mwp) MOFIB

CITES Appendix II protection prohibits the import of a species into the United States. This is why it is important to promote research into sustainable breeding programs.

For more information on proper breeding practices visit their Forum.

For broodstock you can visit the Marketplace.

If you can’t find the species you want, then start with something close and experiment. You might just be on the cutting edge of Aquaculture.

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