Candy Coral Feeding

Please excuse the poor image quality of these photos (they were shot with a 1.3 megapixel Motorola Q).

Oh, and nevermind that aiptaisa there in the background, either.

These images of the marketing department’s Candy Coral were shot this morning after we turned off our Hydor Koralia and Maxi-Jet pumps and fed the tank.

It was a beautiful display, although you probably can’t tell from these couple of pictures. The candy’s feeding tentacles were transparent with white tips—some reaching as far as two inches—further than we’d ever observed.

Nothing too exciting, I suppose, if it’s not your own tank you’re ogling at. It did, however, give me something to blog about during my lunch hour while sitting at my desk eating a salad.

And no, I did not extract any tentacles to consume said lunch. Instead, I used one of the world’s most useful inventions: the spork.

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