Invasion Beyond the Coast: An Ecosystem in Danger

In recent news, scientists have become increasingly concerned over the presence of 16 non-native marine fish species of the eastern coast of the United States. In this, the first of the three part series Invasion Beyond the Coast, we will look at the groups that are leading the charge to classify this threat to our […]

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The Mating Game

We have a pair of 8-year-old Darwin (black and white) Ocellaris Clownfish in the company’s main display tank that lay eggs every couple of weeks or so.I’ve been with the company just over a year now, and they spawn like clockwork. The male has very little orange coloring and the female has none, so their […]

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We’ve teamed up with to help them celebrate their 7th birthday and to give away some great prizes to 4 lucky winners. Prize Details Grand Prize: Current USA Solana 34 Gallon Aquarium w/ HQI 150w Pendant & Modern Black Stand – More Info 2nd Prize: AquaC Nano Remora Protein Skimmer (Skimmer Only) – More […]

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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! I wanted to share a handful of eco-friendly links with you today in the spirit of celebrating the beauty and grandeur of Mother Earth. Earth Day Network International Year of the Reef 2008 The Southern California Caulerpa Action Team Surfrider Foundation Ocean Conservancy I encourage you to take some time today to […]

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Tonight @ 7 PM (10 PM EST) my boss—and’s Director of Operations—Ben Ros will be appearing on Frank Reese’s Blue Zoo, a new talk radio program dedicated to the marine aquarium hobby. Here is a rundown of the guests appearing on tonight’s program: Columnist/Moderator – David Lass Marine Aquarist/Author – Michael Paletta Director […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Frag Your Corals by Keith MacNeil

1. To help support your hobby spending. This hobby can take quite a bit of money even for a nano tank. By propagating corals and selling or trading them to other hobbyists or pet stores you can help offset some of the money you spend on your tank. 2. To help save the reefs from over […]

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Aiptasia-X performs X-actly as Advertised

There is a buzz in the reef aquarium community surrounding the release of Red Sea’s new pest anemone treatment, Aiptasia-X. What seems to be on everyone’s mind is, “Does this stuff really work? I mean really, really work?” I’ve read the forums. I’ve spoken with fellow reefers. It isn’t skepticism. We’ve simply tried other aiptasia […]

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How we Handle Livestock @ MDL

Due to the amount of questions we receive daily, we thought we would offer some insight on how our livestock is handled at our facility. Upon receipt, our animals are inspected, slowly acclimated to RO/DI water and Tropic Marin synthetic salt mix and then quarantined. After this procedure, if any fish are showing signs of […]

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