on the Radio

Tonight @ 7 PM (10 PM EST) my bossand’s Director of Operations—Ben Ros will be appearing on Frank Reese’s Blue Zoo, a new talk radio program dedicated to the marine aquarium hobby.

Here is a rundown of the guests appearing on tonight’s program:

  • Columnist/Moderator – David Lass
  • Marine Aquarist/Author – Michael Paletta
  • Director of Operations – Ben Ros
  • Hikari USA President – Chris Clevers

Ben will be discussing the growth of the the saltwater aquarium hobby from both a hobbyist and business perspective. Did that sound too formal? It shouldn’t be; look forward to a fun conversation and an intimate look inside the Marine Depot mindset that you’ll find isn’t all suits & ties.

Fortunately they archive the program, so in case you’re checking this after the show has aired, visit Blue Zoo’s website for more info.

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