Reef Necessities, 8/26/08

Welcome to Reef Necessities, the first in a new series of posts focused on products that are essential to the reef aquarium hobbyist.

First up: Mr. Sticky’s Underwater Glue.

So why, you ask, is Mr. Sticky’s a “reef necessity?” Because it can be used underwater to seal cracks in glass and acrylic aquariums. This is good stuff to have on hand in case of an emergency, since there really isn’t much you can do after the fact. With Mr. Sticky’s, you can seal any leaks without having to drain the tank.

To use, cut the dual-syringe tips, dispense the adhesive’s 2-parts by depressing the plunger, mix manually, apply to your tank and replace the cap after use.

Next up: 3M’s Reclosable Attachment Marine Dual Lock.

Complicated name for a not-so-complicated product.

Essentially marine aquarium Velcro, the “reclosable attachment system” or “hook & loop attachment system” as 3M calls, is super-strong, see-through and bonds to most surfaces (wood, metal, glass and most plastics) with a very high bond Scotch VHB adhesive backing.

That backing is also what you see in the product photo … even though it looks a bit like bloody gauze (sorry for going there, if that hadn’t already crossed your mind).

Needless to say, this stuff’ll attach your aquarium’s electronics, probes and sensors in place for years to come.

It can be used on both flexible and hard surfaces and mates to itself. Package contains (4) 1-inch x 3-inch strips.

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