Video of Snail Spawning in Reef Aquairum

I was watching my 240-gallon reef tank one evening recently with the main lights off and only the actinic lights illuminated. I was hoping to video one of my wrasses burying itself in the sand as it went to bed. I think they were embarrassed because I was watching; they hung around their favorite sand patch way past their normal bedtime. While I was waiting, I noticed a small cloud in the upper corner of my tank. I realized upon closer examination that one of my snails was spawning! I zoomed in with the camera to see if I could get a shot of it. To my surprise, the snail continued to spawn for well over 5 minutes. I have no idea how many gametes were released, but it was a lot. Of course, by the time I had satisfied my voyeuristic curiosity, I had already missed my chance to catch the wrasses burrowing into the sand … but tomorrow is another night. Little things like this are reason I enjoy having a reef tank. Viewing at night, sometimes with the lights out, can prove very interesting. (Text and video courtesy of Steve from the MarineDepot.com Customer Service Department)

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