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Reef Central members have requested product specials from us in the past and we’ve always been happy to comply, when possible. Today we’re stoked ‘cuz we’ve got another lined up: $20 off the new Vertex IN100 Protein Skimmer (plus FREE shipping)! Click here for the coupon code. Stay on the lookout for more great deals […]

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Local Nature Center in danger of being shut down

As everyone should know by now, the US has had a fiscal hiccup. This has caused many of us to take a closer look at our financial situation. Local and state governments have not been immune to this economic adjustment, which can lead to budget cuts. One organization possibly affected by this is the Chula […]

Read More’s 2008 Holiday Gift Guide

Here we are again on the cusp of another holiday season. It’s amazing to me how fast times flies as you get older. And, at the ripe old age of 28, you might be asking yourself: what does Jeff want this year? I appreciate your interest so much, I’m going to tell you. 🙂 First, […]

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Giant Sea Volcano Gets Marine Protected Status

A federal plan filed Thursday increases the size of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. With the addition of a 585-square mile area above and around the Davidson Seamount, about 80 miles west of Cambria, the sanctuary now encompasses 6,094 square miles of ocean. The seamount is one of the world’s largest undersea mountains. Sanctuary […]

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New this Week, 11/24

JBJ Mini-Artica Chiller w/ Digital Controller 1/15HPJBJ introduces the revolutionary MINI Arctica Chiller with NEW Digital Controller! Finally, there is a REAL long-term solution for heat concerns in Nano environments with amazing cooling capabilities beyond thermal-electric and fans, that produce less than minimal results. The Mini-Arctica Chiller handles up to 40gal aquariums. Don’t be fooled […]

Read More the Socialite

We’ve taken the plunge and joined the social networking revolution by signing up for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Yahoo! Answers.We are obviously not pioneers in this department. But with the success of this blog, our Forum and Knowledge Base, we thought we’d take our knack for socializing and answering questions about the aquarium hobby beyond […]

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Check out our new website,

For the pets in your household that don’t live underwater—and even for those who do—there’s All of the great aquarium and pond products at are now available at, along with thousands more for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and small animals. You can even sign into the new website using your existing […]

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New this Week, 11/17/08

Mag-Flip 100 Aquarium CleanerAquarium algae that’s tough to remove? Not for the Mag-Flip! It’s strong – Powerful neodymium magnets provide high tract force. It’s efficient and safe – Specially designed plastic scraper does the job and presents no risks for your aquarium. It’s unique – Ultra thin inner part goes through tight spots. Use the […]

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