Local Nature Center in danger of being shut down

As everyone should know by now, the US has had a fiscal hiccup.

This has caused many of us to take a closer look at our financial situation. Local and state governments have not been immune to this economic adjustment, which can lead to budget cuts. One organization possibly affected by this is the Chula Vista Nature Center outside San Diego, CA.

The Chula Vista Nature Center is located just 10 miles from downtown San Diego. They house an array of wildlife from bald eagles to marine and freshwater fish. Each year the center invites elementary schools from around San Diego county to educate the students on the importance of the environment and conservation.

I don’t want to start getting political, I just thought this should be brought to every ones attention. I am sure this isn’t the only wildlife center in the country that is facing budget cuts and possible closer.

Visit http://savethechulavistanaturecenter.com/ for the full story.

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