’s 2008 Holiday Gift Guide

Here we are again on the cusp of another holiday season.

It’s amazing to me how fast times flies as you get older. And, at the ripe old age of 28, you might be asking yourself: what does Jeff want this year?

I appreciate your interest so much, I’m going to tell you. 🙂

First, I’d like my girlfriend to stop nagging me for an engagement ring. Second, I’d like an MP20 VorTech Pump. And third … well, Santa, I know I haven’t been the nicest boy this year but, golly, the new Red Sea Max 130D would really give me some incentive to be better next year. 😉

If you don’t end up blowing all your money on me, there are plenty of great gift ideas in our 12 Days of Christmas Gift List.

Oh, and you needn’t worry about buying/spending a MD Gift Certificate—assuming you’ve seen that email being forwarded about all these big-name stores closing—cuz we’re not going anywhere! Moo-hoo-hoo-ha-ha-ha!

Actually, make that ho, ho, ho.

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