New this Week, 11/24

JBJ Mini-Artica Chiller w/ Digital Controller 1/15HP
JBJ introduces the revolutionary MINI Arctica Chiller with NEW Digital Controller! Finally, there is a REAL long-term solution for heat concerns in Nano environments with amazing cooling capabilities beyond thermal-electric and fans, that produce less than minimal results. The Mini-Arctica Chiller handles up to 40gal aquariums. Don’t be fooled by the smaller size. These are driven by energy efficient 1/15 Hp compressors that can drop temperatures beyond anything comparable in the market!

Emperor Aquatics Super Filter Felt Cut-to-Fit 18 inch x 30 inch – 50 Micron (Fine)
Our Filter Felt is extremely effective at trapping and holding waterborne solid waste. Filter Felt is available in 100 and 200 microns, in 18″” x 30″” and 30″” x 36″” sheets. Arrange Filter Felt inside the filter so that the water to be filtered is forced through the felt and is unable to bypass it. Filter Felt is very effective and might require frequent cleanings depending on the volume of waterborne solid waste. Filter Felt is extremely durable and can be cleaned and reused several times.

1/2 HP Current USA Prime Commercial Chiller with Single Stage Thermostat (Integrated)
Cool down with Prime, a stylish chiller with indu
strial features. Each element inside a Prime Commercial Chiller has been carefully chosen to integrate efficiency and reliability into a compact package. The helical design of the titanium evaporator provides a large surface area that efficiently transfers heat from your water and chills it down cold. The evaporator is housed in a molded PVC body that is completely insulated – no wasted energy. The energy efficient high BTU compressor has a large cooling capacity and provides power only where needed.

Imagine Gold Replacement Filter Cartridges
Replacement filter cartridge for BIO3 Bio System 78015 – 12 Pack

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Replacement filter cartridge for BIO3 Bio System 78025/35/55/75 – 4 or 12 Pack