Expedition Uncovers New Coral Reefs

The team efforts of scientists and crew from the Waitt Institute for Discovery, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute have paid off with the recent discovery of three never-before identified Lophelia coral reefs which were located 35 miles off the coast of Florida and 450 metres deep.

The CATALYST ONE expedition which kicked-off on December 4 combined the scientific expertise of Harbor Branch’s senior research professor, John Reed, with Waitt Institute’s cutting edge autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and Woods Hole’s high-tech operations skills. The discovery of the first two deep coral reefs occurred during the first dive of the expedition on 5 December. The third Lophelia coral reef was discovered by the AUVs on 7 December after the re-positioning of Harbor Branch’s research vessel Seward Johnson to the expedition’s third survey site. Read More…

SOURCE: Science Centric

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