Reef Necessities, 12/2/08

We’re back with another edition of Reef Necessities, our series of blog posts that highlight aquarium products essential to the reef hobbyist.

In this, our special holiday edition, we’re featuring a real best buy: the D-D H2Ocean Magnesium Pro PLUS Saltwater Mixing Kit.

The D-D saltwater mixing kit comes with everything you need to mix consistent batches of saltwater every time. In fact, the only thing you’re really missing is the water itself and a mixing container.

For $89.99, you’ll get:

Purchased separately, these items (when not on sale) cost over $135!

We put this kit together to make things as easy as possible for hobbyists mixing their own saltwater for the first time. No more trips to the LFS!

We also have a very thorough article that will walk you through the whole process. Here’s the link.

Until next time!

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