New this Week, 1/12/09

DT’s Live Marine Copepod 6oz
This subtropical copepod species will develop a thriving population in reef aquariums. They are a small and very nutritious prey item with an adult size of ~ 900 microns that are food for many corals and small fish. Copepods are an excellent scavenger, feeding on phytoplankton and detritus of any kind.

Red Sea MAX 250 Plug & Play Coral Reef System – Black
The MAX 250 has been designed as a highly specified complete 250 liter coral reef aquarium system. Each componen
t has been specifically designed to work as part of the total system, guaranteeing compatibility and performance suited to maintaining even the most delicate stony (sps) corals. Includes 65 Gallon Aquarium w/ Stand & Starter Kit.

Red Sea MAX 250 Plug & Play Coral Reef System – White
The Red Sea Max 250 combines all the technology necessary to grow and maintain a healthy reef. The Max gives aquarists an opportunity to focus on the joy and beauty of the hobby rather than on the component selection and installation. Optimal ligh
ting, filtration, temperature and circulation make reefkeeping easier than ever before and ensures maximum success for aquarists of all levels. Includes 65 Gallon Aquarium w/ Stand & Starter Kit.

Red Sea MAX 250 Plug & Play Coral Reef System – Silver
Features ‘reef spec’ lighting, filtration, skimming and circulation. Cabinet is designed to allow air flow throughout to aid c
hiller efficiency. Also includes 44 lbs Reef Base, 26.4 lbs Coral Pro Salt, Hydrometer, Nitro Bac bio starter, upgraded Marine Lab master test kit with Alkalinity Pro test, Calcium Pro test lab, Magensium test lab, Coral Buff, Calcium & Magnesium Supplements.

SpectraPure MaxPure MPRO-300 Heavy-Duty, Commercial Grade 4-Stage 300GPD RO System
Changing your aquarium water couldn’t be easier with this state of the art Reverse Osmosis system. Simply hook this up to your si
nk or garden hose or hook it up under your sink with a shut-off valve and you have the ability to make RO water for your water changes. Aquariums don’t do as well with tap water because of all the contaminants and minerals in tap water so using this system will help your tank(s) dramatically.

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