New this Week, 6/17/09

Salifert Energy Plus Granular Food 250ml
Energy Plus does not pollute the water and is an unsurpassed granular food for marine fish (just compare the ingredient list with other brands and you will be surprised). Virtually all marine fi
sh from approx. 1 up to 5 inches will be attracted to it. It contains approx. 20 times more protein than good quality frozen food. The same is true for the essential Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (HUFA) and vitamins.

JBJ Macro-Glo Adjustable Refugium Light
Available in 15 and 25-watt models, these energy efficient MACRO-GLO refugium lights are the smart solution for sumps that require powerful light output in a space-saving form. The MACRO-GLO securely clamps to the rim of the sump and can be easily positioned out of the way for routine maintenance without t
he fear of dropping the fixture in the water. These unique lamps equal 5 times the brightness of traditional incandescent lamps while producing less heat and lasting an amazing 8000 hours.

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