New this Week, 7/1/09

ESV B-Ionic Supplement Doser
This device is actually 2 dosers in one unit. It will enable you to automate the daily additions of both components of B-Ionic Calcium Buffer (BICB), utilizing the simple principle of air pressu
re displacing the liquid additives into your system. To power the doser, the purchaser will need to supply 1-2 digital lamp timers, 2 air pumps (or 1 dual output pump). The air pump must have a minimum pressure output of 4 P.S.I. Choose from 1/2 gallon and gallon models.

JBJ Nano-Glo 4-LED Magnetic Refugium Light
JBJ introduces the NANO-GLO LED to upgrade your existing Nano Cube into an “In-Tank” Refugium. The NANO-GLO LED refugium light boasts 4 powerful high intensity LED’s that evenly distribute light for macro algae, and aid in the removal of unwanted phosphates and nitrates. Its innovative design utilizes a
powerful magnet to attach to the rear wall of the aquarium for mobility and secure placement. The NANO-GLO was specifically designed for the 28g Nano Cube CF QUAD aquarium, which is sold with a transparent filter basket. But the design is so versatile that it can be used to light any small nano aquarium that usually cannot accommodate top lighting due to space constraints and fully enclosed canopies.

Brillianize Glass and Acrylic Aquarium Cleaner/Polish – 8oz
America’s #1 rated cleaner & polish. 100% non-toxic, safe to use around people and pets. Use on acrylic, glass, Formica®, Lexan®, Lucite®, Plexiglas®, stainless steel, chrome, bright metal and all hard shiny surfaces. Brillianize is made in the USA.

JBJ 28 Gallon Nano Cube – Replacement 105 Watt Quad Lamp
This 150-Watt CF JBJ Quad Bulb is a replacement for the one found
in the JBJ 28-Gallon Nano Cube Quad Aquarium System.

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