New this Week, 7/14/09

Tunze Master DOC Protein Skimmer 9410.000
Recommended for saltwater aquariums up to 264 gallons. Skimming, filtering and aerating a saltwater aquarium without power consumption is impossible. But … no unit uses less power than the Tunze DOC Skimmer 9410. Using only 16 watts, the new DOC has equivalent performance to much larger skimmers that consume twice as much power. No settings or modifications are required. It is near silent (utilizing a Tunze Hydrofoamer Silence pump), easy to operate and attractive to boot.

JBJ 24 Gallon Nano Cube CF Quad Aquarium Canopy Upgrade Kit
Instantly upgrade your 24-gallon Nano Cube to 150 Watts of comp
act fluorescent lighting. This upgrade will give your aquarium almost 50% more wattage than competing brands’ canopies. Nite Vu LEDs are strategically placed on all four corners to evenly distribute moon lighting throughout the aquarium. New feeding lid is lighter than the previous full front lid providing quickier and easier access for feeding and retrieving water samples without having to lift the entire hood.

AquaticLife 6,000K 24 Inch 24W T5HO Bulb
Natural white visible hue with 6,000 Kelvin. Ideal for freshwater applications with live plants or refugiums. Balanced light includes peaks in the blue and red spectrums that matches the chlorophyll adsorption peaks in plants. Enhances fish

AquaticLife Roseate 24 Inch 24W T5HO Bulb
Roseate visible hue is ideal for freshwater applications where live plants are grown. The light closely matches the chlor
ophyll absorption peak in the red spectrum to enhance plant growth. Use with 6,000K lamps.

Red Sea Max 250 Aquarium: Various Replacement Parts
Replacement bulbs, black mechanical filter sponges, bio-media and c
ooling fans are now available for the Red Sea Max 250 aquarium. Click the link above or product photo to learn more about individual items.

Azoo Mignon Skimmer Replacement Filter Media
contains two (2) Azoo brand Mignon Skim replacement media (sponges).

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