New this Week, 7/21/09

Tom Rapids Pro Series Rp3 Plus Canister Filter With Auto Fill System
Combination aquarium canister filter, wet/dry filter and protein skimmer. The Pro Series RP3 Plus – Newly designed advanced filtration system for larger aquariums. Next generation filter combines the filtering capacity of a wet/dry, venturi pump protei
n skimmer, and the ease of setup of a canister filter. Re-circulates 700 gallons of water per hour for ideal water quality. 4 Gallon Auto Fill System automatically replaces evaporated water. For aquariums up to 150 gallons. Replacement Media sold separately.

Reef Gently AccliMate XL Acclimator/Transporter Tank
Easily trap, transport and acclimate all in the same container! The AccliMate XL makes life easier and greatly increases the survival rates of your aquatic pets. The AccliMate XL provides an eco-f
riendly solution to plastic bags and helps preserve mom’s plastic leftover containers. You can: trap fish, transport aquatic life, acclimate new arrivals and trap bristle worms and other pests.

Current USA 20 Inch Nova 1×9 Watt T5 10,000K SlimPaq
A quick twist and the ultra-low-profile T5 Nova series is installed. Link them together to create custom configurations for more light in much less space, giving you a bright shining value you won’t want to miss. Featuring greater light output than s
tandard T8 & T12 lamps with a slim, linkable, energy-efficient design.

Current USA 24 Inch Nova 1×14 Watt T5 10,000K SlimPaq
On a tight budget and on space? Need more light? Our Nova Retrofit is a high lumen T5 lamp design that packs a lot of lumens for a very affordable price. In fact, one 28 watt lamp prod
uces nearly the same amount of light as a 40 watt standard-output fluorescent lamp. Nova Retrofit is sleek, low profile, and energy efficient with room to grow. Start with one and add a light as you go.

Royal-Exclusiv Red-Dragon Pump RD
The optimized pump head geometry combined with patented drive technology and start-up electronics enables the pump to produce a high flow with very low energy consumption. This will also ensure silent operation and no start- up issues, and with less heat generation. All RED DRAGON pumps are designed
to use in ultra- silent ‘lifestyle applications’ where no noise is tolerated. Unlike other centrifugal pumps using Ceramic bearings, only the best quality Silicon Carbide bearings are used which will last much longer than other materials, and smoother contact between shaft and bearing will produce less noise.

Current USA 20 inch Current USA SunPod 1x250W 14K HQI-MH w/ 12 Lunar Lights w/ FREE Hanging Arms
The SunPod produces an enormous amount of light and cuts through water to even the deepest depths. The PowerPaq 14,000K HQI metal halide(s) produce the energy your corals will need while also providing the natural shimmering effect fou
nd on coral reefs. Powered by our proprietary microprocessor based electronic driving system, the high-intensity blue light produced by the 14,000K PowerPaq HQI is so brilliant—no other supplemental actinic lamps are required.

San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze Dried Krill
Excellent food choice for large freshwater and marine tropical fish. Product includes astaxanthin, a carotenoid to bring out the vibrant colors of your fish. This krill is high in essential fatty and amino acids and recommended for all freshwater cichlids, loaches, eels and catfish plus all saltwater groupers and
eels. Available in 1/2 oz. and 2 oz. sizes.

UVL T5 V-HOR Indigo Sun Aquarium Light Bulbs
50% tri-band blue and 50% tri-band white spectrum. Best used for reef aquarium applications. Blue chlorophyll absorption is utilized in natural photosynthesis. Life of bulb is approximat
ely 4500 hours. Includes 180-degree internal reflector. Choose from 22, 34 and 46 inch bulb sizes.

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