New this Week, 8/11/09

Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Base Unit w/ Standard Grade pH Probe
The only controller that offers web-based monitoring, control an
d configuration. Includes ethernet interface with embedded web server. Easy-to-use menus allow you to setup pumps, lights, heater, chiller, co2, etc. with no programming required for configuration. Simulates sunrise/sunset, moon cycle, waves, monitor/control temperature, pH, ORP and so much more.

Spectrapure Quick-Connect Faucet Coupler for RO/DI Units
Aerator and additional connecting adapters to fit nearly any faucet. Adapts kitchen/bathroom faucets to 1/4″ tubing for e
asy disconnects.

Spectrapure Deluxe Piercing Saddle Valve for 1/4 Inch Tubing
uxe piercing saddle valve for 1/4″ tubing.

Red Sea Coral Decorations/Reproductions
Choose from a variety of lifelike coral replicas available in various sizes and colors. Acropora, Stylophora and Seriotopora pieces range from $8.71 to $18.23 each. Created from a poly
material that replicates lifelike movement/motion. Completely non-toxic and safe for aquarium use.

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