Reef-A-Palooza 2009

Clear your calendars …
it’s Reef-A-Palooza time!

The Southern California fall classic returns October 24 and 25 at the The Orange County Fair & Exposition Center in Costa Mesa, CA.

The brainchild of the Southern California Marine Aquarium Society (SCMAS), Reef-A-Palooza (RAP), now in its sixth year, is poised to draw more than 2,000 marine aquarium hobbyists to the event.

RAP, if you’re unfamiliar, transforms building #12 of the OC Exposition Center into a 20,000 square foot indoor marketplace where sellers, exhibitors and hobbyists can buy, sell, trade and showcase products to the marine hobbyist community. Exhibitors range from large manufacturers like Red Sea and Current USA to retailers (hint, hint), small livestock sellers and rare-species coral farmers. The two-day event is expected to feature more than 70 exhibitors this year.

New products are unveiled and showcased each year and tons of goodies are raffled off. In the past, RAP has been a one-day event, but last year it expanded it into a two-day extravaganza and this year promises to be even better.

One of the goals of RAP and SCMAS is to educate hobbyists in marine animal husbandry skills and environmental responsibility. One of the ways that is accomplished is by inviting speakers to share their knowledge. This year’s lineup includes Bob Fenner, Scott Michael, Scott Fellman, Justin Credabel and Scott Vallembois.

For more information on Reef-A-Palooza, visit the official RAP website and follow RAP on Twitter. We’ll keep you updated here on any new developments and what you can expect from our booth this year.

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