MACNA XXI: Day 3 Update

MACNA XXI closed on a very strong note and was crammed full of great speakers. MD Forums Moderator Anthony Calfo started the day off nice and early at 8:00am with a talk on coral propagation and how to make it profitable. He took questions from the audience to help make his talk more interactive and like most of his talks it went over his time allotment. So Anthony was kind enough to allow whomever wanted to to join him out in the hall to answer more of their questions. While Anthony fielded more questions in the hall, Charles Delbeek spoke about the 200,000 Uber Sexy tank he was helping put together in San Francisco. It was a very interesting talk as Charles show the progress of the tank along with the problems and sucesses they were having along the way. When Charles’s talk was done, Anthony was still fielding questions in the hall.

Following the two morning talks were three more workshops in the exhibit hall which allowed everyone to once again visit the vendor booths. After two more mid-morning talks the afternoon ended with a HUGE raffle which took close to 2 hours to complete. My luck in winning the first day unfortunately didn’t carry over to Sunday, so it looks like I will have to not only buy a Reef Keeper Controller on my own but will also have to shop around for that new flat screen TV as well.

I have started to download my pictures and will post some pictures on the MD Forums as well as here later this afternoon. If you missed this years MACNA, my pictures won’t do it justice. The NJ Reef Club did a great job putting this show together.

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