MACNA XXI: Day 2 Update

Day two at MACNA was a full day of speakers, trade show, raffles and workshops starting at 8:00 am. The day started off for me with attending a talk by author Scott Michael speaking on Wrasses. The talk was very interesting and since I had never heard Scott talk in the past I was excited to see him for the first time. Scott kept the crowd interested (even with the early time of 8:00am and the late night many had) with a great talk, great sensor of humor mixed in and some stunning pictures of wrasses.

After Scott’s talk I took in some more of the trade show speaking with manufacturers, fellow hobbyists and looking over the huge amount of items in the raffle. At 11:00 Bob Fenner took the stage to speak on the good and bad hitchhikers we get in our reef tanks. If you have never had the chance to hear Bob speak, you are missing out. His talks are always entertaining and educational at the same time. You will walk away smiling while learning something at the same time. Following Bob’s talk Lindsey Kayal from Seachem spoke on Bryopsis (aka hair algae). They are working on a product to help kill Bryopsis in our reef tanks that is safe for all other inhabitants in the tank.

Another Marine Depot Forums Moderator, Kelly Jedlicki, held a workshop about tube feeding fish. It was a very interesting workshop and Kelly even allowed people to give it a try themselves. Kelly does have information about this in her forum, so if you have a fish that refuses to eat and you need some help check out her forum. Kelly’s talk normally is a 45-60 minute talk, but with the workshop she had to do this talk three times in ~50 minutes to allow people to attend all three workshops that were occuring at the same time. This allowed people to shift from one workshop to the next within the 1 hour time frame set up for the workshop. Kelly did a great job of giving us the condensed version of her talk.

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There were more talks and workshops throughout the day including talks by Joe Yaiullo and Martin Moe. The day ended with the Banquet with speaker Richie Kohler speaking about the book Shadow Divers. The Orlando fish club also gave a sneak peak at their plans for MACNA 2010.

The NJ club did something a little different from past shows that I enjoyed. They had a raffle Friday night (I missed that one), one Saturday night (a laptop computer was the “big” prized of that lot) and Sunday they have a final raffle with a ton of great prizes. For Sunday’s raffle the big prizes include a 52″ flat screen TV, a 180 gallon reef ready tank/stand with a 72″ light fixture and Marco Rocks rocks and finally a 300 gallon (I think, it is around 72x36x24) tank/stand with Marineland supplies (MH fixture, salt, test kits, etc…). None of these raffle items will fit in my car, so I will have to stick with the smaller items in the raffle. I did have a little luck with Saturday’s raffle walking away with Scott Michael’s Book Wrasses and Parrotfish as well as some ESV B-ionic.

Looking forward to the final day starting off with a talk by another Marine Depot Forums Moderator Anthony Calfo as well as more talks from Charles Delbeek, Steven Pro, Matthew Wittenrich and a couple of others.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to download my pictures and share the experience with everyone who unfortunately couldn’t make it. Start making plans for 2010 MACNA in Orlando, I know I will be.