MACNA XXI: Event Coupons

If you were lucky enough to visit
MACNA XXI this year, you may have also scored some exclusive event coupons Reef Gently was handing out to attendees on our behalf.

All four (4) coupons are only redeemable for a limited time. Until this Friday, October 2, to be exact.

While I am not permitted to share all of the coupons with you (they are exclusive, you know!) … our purchasing department is allowing me to share a couple of them.

So act now … you’ve only got until Friday!

20% off Boston Aqua Farms Soft and Stony Coral Propagation Kits
Enter Coupon Code BAFKIT20 during checkout. Expires 10/02/09!

20% off ALL Prodibio Aquarium Care Products
Enter Coupon Code PRODIB20 during checkout. Expires 10/02/09!

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