Deltec’s Sleek New Designs

Thanks to Deltec and D-D, had several of the new Deltec protein skimmers on display at Reef-A-Palooza.
Since Deltec patented their pinwheel design several years ago, many advances have been made in protein skimmer technology. These brand new skimmers take those advancements and raise the bar even higher.
Most impressive on the new skimmer designs are the pumps. The Eheim pumps that came with the older model Deltecs were great performers for their time, but the new pumps produce an amazing 4x more liters of air per watt!
Several design updates have also made their way into the new Deltecs. Bubble chambers reduce turbulence, allowing for a more compact design while still increasing performance. On the SC models, the pump is placed underneath the skimmer. This increases performance by increasing pressure on the pump and ensuring only unskimmed water is passed through.
Deltec has long been known for their innovation and quality design. These new models look like they will live up to Deltec’s reputation. Their high end attention to detail and price tag may not be for every hobbyist, but they certainly deliver high-end performance to match.
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