The Kones are coming! The Kones are coming!

Today we’re highlighting the new Vertex Alpha Kone series skimmers. I figured what better way to celebrate Halloween weekend than to talk about the freakishly good performance of the Alpha 170 Kone. If you were at Reef-A-Palooza we had one on display at our booth.

At the heart of this Vertex skimmers performance is a Red Dragon pump which produces an amazing 1000-1200 LPH of air at a mere 18 watts and runs very quiet. Red Dragon pumps are becoming very popular for their efficiency and silent operation. In fact, they are marketed for “lifestyle applications” like that noisy reef tank sitting in your living room keeping you from enjoying your television. All this, and it produces some serious foam to boot.

The performance features of the Alpha Kone don’t stop there. Included is a bubble plate which decreaces turbulence inside the skimmer chamber. Decreasing turbulence helps the bubbles, already coated with protein, from reducing performance by falling back down in the chamber. In addition, the cone shaped chamber helps gently guide the bubbles towards the collection cup which increases efficiency.

Alpha series skimmers also show attention to detail in their design. The Red Dragon pump can be mounted on either side of the cone, depending on your application. The skimmer itself can be disassembled for easy cleaning and is attached by corrosion resistant titanium fasteners. High quality components are also used throughout.

This skimmer is in stock and ready to ship out now. Feel free to check out more details on our website here.

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