Now Shipping Key Largo Dry Base Rock from Marco Rocks

Marco Rocks, first mentioned on this blog a couple of weeks ago, are now available for sale on our website.

Marco Rocks promises to be the epitome of “reef safe.” Not only are Marco Rocks safe for reef aquariums, they are never (“never ever,” their website states) collected from a living reef.

Marco Rocks are natural calcium carbonate and quarried near Key Largo, Florida. The company promises to be a reliable base rock source for marine and reef aquaria.

Each box is hand packed by a reef enthusiast to ensure you get a nice variety for your own tank. Marco Rocks arrive to you pre-cycled to help speed the setup of new aquariums. They are porous, lightweight and have a large surface area.

If you have questions about Marco Rocks or any aquarium product or livestock, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment.

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