New this Week, 3/2/10

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Digital Aquatics pH Probe w/ Calibration Packets
Standard pH probe features include 0.01 pH resolution, 4′ cable, male BNC connection and compatibility with all monitors and controllers that have standard BNC pH probe connections. Also i
ncludes 1 x 7pH and 1 x 10pH calibration packets. Only $39.99.

MarineDepot.com Ceramic Coral Frag Plug with Rock Base – 2 Pack
3″ x 3″ size is ideal for sandbed soft coral growout. Plugs can be easily removed and replaced for swapping. Only $9.99.

MarineDepot.com Premium Frag Plugs – 13 Pack
This is a premium fired ceramic dish with mounting hole that does not need to be soaked before using. They are perfect for zoanthid growout and the pin keeps the disk in place on eggcrate or your sand bed. Only $15.99.

Hamilton Cayman Sun Reflector DE HQI 14K System
Incredible high light output reflectors – 2 times brighter than Reefstar! Includes Hamilton 150, 250 or 400 watt 14K HQI bulb, Hamilton HQI ballast, 6 actinic blue LED lights & LED transformer, durable powder coated black exterior, 95% German reflecti
ve aluminum interior, steel cable suspension kit and tempered glass lens. Weighs 5lbs. 150 and 250 watt models measure 12″ x 12″ x 5″; 400 watt measures 13.25″ x 13.25″ x 5″. Only $269.99 to $329.99 each. All models include free shipping.

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