New this Week, 4/20/2010

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Tropic Marin Bio Actif Sea Salt – 200 Gallon Mix Bucket
The revolutionary new synthetic sea salt which combines maximum purity in terms of its components with the protective and growth-promoting action of bioactive substances naturally found in the sea. They form effective protection for the mucous membranes of the fish whose improved health is clearly reflected in their increased levels of mating and reproduction. Corals respond by displaying even brighter and more vibrant colors. The extent to which both stony and leather corals enlarge and open their polyps is unprecedented. Indications of the improved conditions seen in the corals are greater growth and stronger tissue. They build up reserves which strengthen them and make them less sensitive to unavoidable fluctuations in their surrounding conditions. At the same time BIO-ACTIF SEA SALT encourages the breakdown of pollutants in the water which is evident in the brilliant clarity of the water after every change.

Tunze Deluxe Cleaning Set
Complete cleaning set for aquarium pumps, filters and skimmers in a plastic container. Contents: Special cleaning brushes, various tools especially for Turbelle® pumps, cleaning cloth, spray bottle for citric acid solution, concentrated citric acid for decalcifying, and DVD demonstrating the maintenance of Turbelle® pumps. More new items from Tunze…

IceCap Reef Illuminations T5 + Tubular LED Moonlights (470nm Actinic LED) Fixture
Available in 24, 36 and 48 inch sizes and range in price from $499.99 to $999.99 . The body of the fixtures are a very substantial, lightly textured, coated Aluminum. The Aluminum dissipates heat more efficiently than most construction materials and the chemical coating assures the fixtures stay shiny and corrosion free for years. Under the covers they are equally impressive. Wiring meets and exceeds the toughest specifications; internal components are held in place by bolts with washers the preferred assembly process instead of screws. Power cords are 3 meters (10ft) for increased safety. The T5 fixture, as configured, does not require additional cooling. 3 year warranty.

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IceCap Reef Illuminations HQI, T5 + 2 Tubular LED Moonlights (470NM Actinic) Fixture
Available in black or silver in 24, 36, 48 and 72 inch sizes and range in price from $649.99 to $1249.99. The health of a reef display is dependent on an abundance of the correct light. The Reef Illuminations T5 Metal Halide combo with its 2 metal halide lamps and 2 T5 lamps generates a lot of light. Our market research uncovered a need for a quality fixture to provide the correct amount of light for a reef display of soft corals, zoanthids, mushrooms, large polyp stony corals, and some lower-light, small polyp, stony corals. Don’t confuse lower light with lower quality light. Some fixtures don’t put out much light because of poor design. We’re putting out the right amount of light good quality light.