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Current USA T5HO TruLumen Bulb
Optimizing T5 lamps demands a thorough understanding of lighting and phosphor technology. Current TruLumen high output T5 lamps were designed to deliver the maximum amount of lumens from the shortest possible length. The result is an extremely bright lamp that can produce nearly twice the lumen output of a standard T8 fluorescent lamp in similar length. TruLumen T5HO lamps feature remarkable color consistency and rendition. This consistency is essential for simulating the wavelengths of natural light found on living reefs. Our proprietary blend of Nichia Phosphors creates colors that replicate those found in the natural aquatic environments. Available in Daylight 10,000k & 6,7000k and Actinic Blue 460nm & 420nm wavelengths. $17.99 to $21.99 each.

AquaticLife HID Metal Halide fixtures with T5 HO and Lunar LEDs
Easily spotlight corals and anemones with directional 150 watt High Intensity Discharge 700+ nm lamps while providing actinic light with 420/460 nm T5 HO lamps and lunar light with adjustable LEDs.
Anodized gloss and matte finish provide visual appeal and years of life. Timer controls HID Lamps, T5 HO Fluorescent Lamps and Lunar LEDs independently. LED Housings that pivot 40 degrees allowing the Lunar light to be directed over specific areas of the aquarium. Includes adjustable width Aquarium Frame Mounts and Suspension Hardware for multiple lighting options. Internal electronic ballasts designed to cool without fans for quiet operation. Special aluminum housings used to dissipate heat away from the fixture. $549.99 to $1539.99 each.

AquaticLife Light Swing Arm 150W HID Fixture
AquaticLife 700+ 10,000K Swing Arm Aquarium Light combines function and great looks! The I-beam linkable black arms create a distinctive
appearance while allowing the light to be positioned easily over the aquarium. The design allows for an additional Dual-Link Arm to be inserted, increasing the overall height and reach of the fixture. The fixture easily mounts to tank frames or can be wall-mounted beside the aquarium with the optional hardware. German-made specially angled HID reflector maximizes 700+ nm light by directing it into the aquarium. Corner and top vents allow air to flow up through the housing, silently cooling the light fixture. $259.99 to $359.99 each.

AquaEuroUSA Mighty Pro 1/4 HP Aquarium Chiller for Tanks up to 170 Gallons
Measures 12.8″ x 14.2″ x 19.5″. Inlet/outlet is 3/4″ & 3/4″. 3200 BTU, 590-1057 GPH flow rate. Low noise. Titanium heat exchanger. Digital display for precise temperature control. Inte
grated dual-stage thermostat. High BTU ratings (heat removal). Corrosion-resistant, efficient, durable and reliable. Easy-to-clean removable filter. Environmentally friendly energy saving design. Includes fittings and heater control power outlet (heater not included). Regularly $549.99, on sale for $494.99. See more new items from AquaEuro…

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