New this Week, 6/7/2010

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Ecoxotic PAR38 LED Aquarium Lamp
There’s nothing like adding cool lighting effects to your aquarium, and now you can do by adding far less to your electric bill. These powerful spotlights not only focus light energy, they will bring out colors and produce ripples you’ve never seen before. Each lamp features 5 high power Cree LEDs with focusing lenses, allowing light to penetrate deeper in depth while producing stunning color and shimmer effects. Now you can deliver light into your aquarium only where needed, reducing wasted light and lowering your energy costs. PAR38 LED lamps are designed to fit into standard E26/E27 screw in sockets. Each lamp includes LED’s, lenses and integrated LED ballast.

Digital Aquatics MLC Pod LED – Midnight Red
Requires an RKM-MLC or RKM-ALC to operate. LED Color available in nocturnal blue and lunar white. 100 degree LED viewing angle. Nocturnal blue LED output is 240mcd per LED; Nocturnal blue wavelength 465nm-470nm. Lunar white LED output 1000mcd per LED lunar white wavelength with mixed, broad spectrum.

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