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AquaEuroUSA Max Chill Aquarium Chiller
AquaEuroUSA Max Chill Aquarium Chillers are high quality, durable and reliable titanium chillers designed for fresh and saltwater systems. Max Chill chillers boast a digital LCD display for precise temperature control, a corrosion-resistant exterior, fittings and a powerful compressor running a Dupont R134a ozone-friendly refrigerant. All models include free shipping and are rated for tanks from 60 to 700 gallons.

Elos Professional Potassium Aqua Test Kit
Elos Aqua Test Kits are designed, manufactured and tested to standards that are unparalleled in this industry. Elos bottles are designed to provide a consistent drop size, which is a key element in testing, regardless of who is squeezing the bottle the drop remains consistent. Elos uses the highest quality reagents that are non-toxic. All Elos boxes, instructions and reagents are clearly labeled along with childproof packaging. Some may claim to use “lab quality components” in their kits but Elos validates each batch of reagents using NIST certified samples.

Ecoxotic Panorama Hanging Kit
Give your Panorama LED light fixture a sleek, modern look using Ecoxotic’s suspension wire hanging kit. A great option for frameless aquariums, this hanging kit securely suspends the Panorama LED fixture from the ceiling over your aquarium – providing a clean, professional installation appearance. The adjustable suspension wire allows easy access to your aquarium while providing you the ability to adjust the height of the fixture over your aquarium. Brushed nickel hardware matches most home and business décor and the kit is easy to install.

Ecoxotic Stunner LED Polished Reflector
If your serious about lighting performance, our polished aluminum reflectors for Stunner LED strips are a no-brainer! Simply snap one onto any Stunner LED strip – and it will efficiently reflect the usable light downward – doubling the amount of light into your aquarium.

Ecoxotic 36″ Extension Cable for Stunner & Panorama Modules
Use our extension cable to connect transformers to Panorama modules or Stunner strips – or extend the length between linked Stunner LED strips. And if you need more distance, you can link the cables together – or to our 4-way splitter. Stunner LED accessories are a snap to install and are plug-and-play for both existing and new installations.

Ultralife Reef Hair & Sludge Removal System
Don’t let ugly “Hair & Sludge” destroy the beauty and delicate balance of your marine or reef aquarium. Now you can finally remove that unsightly mess quickly from corals and invertebrates, without harm to fish, invertebrates, desirable macro algae, corals or reef inhabitants. Truly a product you should not be without. First time usage treats 50 gallons. For maintenance usage treats 200 gallons. Keep out of reach of children. For aquarium use only. Net weight 3 lbs (1362 grams).

Ultralife 2oz. Reef Liquid Phosphate Remover & Control
Safely and effectively remove phosphate (P04) from your aquarium. Simply add .25 ml for each 8 gallons of aquarium water to remove 1 ppm. It is recommended not to remove more than 1 ppm in a 24 hour period. To avoid tank cloudiness, add to a skimmer or mechanical filter intake. Can be used in combination with Ultralife Hair & Sludge Removal System to create best possible environment for you aquarium. Treats up to 1850 gallons. Keep out of reach of children. For aquarium use only. Safe For ALL freshwater and marine tanks.

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