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Ultralife Reef Aiptasia & Majano Remover
The latest development for the removal of Aiptasia & Majano Anemones. Ultralife, thru years of research and experimentation, has developed a 100% All Natural, simple and effective solution to treat these anemones. This product is Reef safe, fast, effective and will not alter your water chemistry. Simply apply solution to top of the anemone (no injection required) and watch the results. 3ml Syringe included. Simply the Best.

Mr. Aqua CO2 Glass Blown Bubble Counters and Diffusers
Bubble counters are used to count the CO2 bubbles dispensed in planted aquariums. Mr. Aqua brand bubble counters have a compact design, durable construction and can be easily cleaned. Mr. Aqua brand diffusers are built using fine ceramic to dispense CO2 in mist form.

Brightwell Aquatics Katalyst Bioreactive Filtration Media
Bioactive filtration media, providing an ideal colonization substrate and a suitable source of organic carbon to beneficial microbes responsible for uptake of nitrate and phosphate. Helps decrease latent organic material, and hence nitrate and phosphate concentrations, in aquaria, greatly simplifying and improving nutrient control relative to methods based solely upon using vodka or other alcohol/sugar solutions as organic carbon sources.

Brightwell Aquatics SpongExcel
Ionic silica supplement for increasing growth rates of sponges and gastropods. Using 1 drop per gallon of water increases ionic silica concentration by ~0.20 ppm. May be employed in silica-limited systems stocked with sponges to improve water quality by increasing the rate of natural latent organic material uptake by these organisms. May be used to increase the rate of sponge growth in marine systems housing spongivorous fishes such as marine angelfishes, butterflyfishes, and their allies, providing them with greater access to their natural foods. Formulated by a marine scientist.

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AquaticLife 3300L High Head Submersible Pump
Designed with marine filtration applications in mind, each of these six high-head Submersible Pump models features a special intake shield that allows the pumps to operate in low water levels. In addition, the power cords exit the top of the pumps, allowing for easy placement in a sump.

AquaMaxx Cone 3 In-Sump Protein Skimmer
AquaMaxx protein skimmers are computer engineered, precision-cut and made of polished cell-cast acrylic. Fine-tune wet or dry foam production using the Quick-Adjust Valve. The included Sicce skimmer pump has been upgraded with a special needlewheel impeller to shred incoming air bubbles into micro bubbles for better performance. ShockMaxx rubber feet dramatically reduce noise and vibration. A built-in bubble plate decareases chamber turbulence and improves efficiency. A removable, low-clearance collection cup makes cleaning easy. Includes a drain fitting for hobbyists who want to setup a separate reservoir for skimmate.

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