Wanted: Photographs of your Aquarium

We would like to feature MarineDepot.com customer aquariums in a picture slideshow October 23 and 24 at

We featured our customers’ aquariums on a large flat screen display inside our booth last year and it was a big hit! Hobbyists at the event were treated to some inspirational aquascapes while they perused our booth and customers who’d sent us their tank pics enjoyed coming by to see their hard work featured at the show (we credit you on any slides featuring your aquarium).

This year we have a huge corner booth and are working hard to make this event our biggest and best ever. Please help us make it happen! We plan to place the display even higher this year so we can really catch the eyes of passersby.

If you’d like your aquarium to be featured in our sideshow, please send us the following by October 10:

  • Your Name
  • Your City and State
  • Type of Tank: Reef, FO, Freshwater, etc.
  • Tank Size (in gallons)
  • Your best high-resolution aquarium photos

We also reserve the right to use your aquarium photographs in future marketing efforts (like in the display art for an e-newsletter, for example). Thank you for allowing us to share your awesomeness!

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