Eating lionfish “a delicacy”

Florida marine conservationists have come up with a simple recipe for fighting the invading lionfish that is gobbling up local reef life — eat them. The Key Largo-based REEF conservation organization has just released “The Lionfish Cookbook,” a collection of 45 recipes which is the group’s latest strategy to counter an invasion of the non-native […]

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New this Week, 12/27/10

See all new product releases >> AquaEuroUSA 34 gallon Complete HQI Metal Halide Reef Aquarium System w/ StandIdeal saltwater or reef aquarium. Perfect for home or office. Totaly complete HQI metal halide reef system. HQI Metal Halide 150W 14000K light produces an intense high PAR value light that closely imitates natural sunlight. Includes 6 blue […]

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It’s Getting Colder—Is Your Tank Protected?

With winter time comes colder temperatures, both inside and outside. It’s around this time each year I begin to see threads popping up on forums discussing aquarium heater failure. Sometimes they are lucky: the heater simply did not turn on and their tank got colder. In other instances, heaters overheat or crack and the results […]

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New this Week, 12/20/10

See all new product releases >> Coralife Lunar Aqualight T5 Lamp High Output Fixture The new Lunar Aqualight T5 HO series from Coralife is available in 4 sizes: 24″, 30″ 36″ and 48″. Each unit includes 4 high output T5 lamps (2 x 10,000K and 2 x actinic) and directional LED moonlights, perfect for marine […]

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New this Week, 12/14/10

See all new product releases >> Neptune Systems Apex Probe Module 3 Expansion BoxMonitor/control dissolved and temperature. 6 digital inputs for float switches, water on floor sensors, pressure sensors, etc. Full datalogging support in Apex Base module. Up to 240 AquaBus modules can be added to the Apex system. Plug & play automatically recognized when […]

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We know a generous person such as yourself has plenty of people to buy gifts for this holiday season. Your spouse, kids, parents… maybe even your boss. But who we are most concerned about in all this holiday hustle & bustle is YOU. That’s right, you. You see, we consider ourselves pretty good judges of […]

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