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Hydor Koralia Evolution 550GPH Circulation Pump/Powerhead
The 550 fills a gap in the popular Hydor Evolution product line. Hydor had the best-selling Nano 425 but the next step up–a big step up–was the 750. Hydor reports they had many requests from hobbyists searching for something in between. Hydor claims the 550 is a “bulked up Nano” or a “Nano on steroids.” The Koralia Evolution 550 features a sturdy full size magnet and is perfect for medium size reef tanks. $33.99

Tunze Silence 1073.05 Electronic Recirculation Pump
The new 1073.05 is electronically speed-controlled and operates on a safe extra-low voltage. It is ideal in any aquarium and contains a new microprocessor-controlled motor. This “intelligent” pump has an electronic motor that adapts its speed automatically to the pump load and always seeks the best efficiency at the lowest possible consumption of energy. The energy consumption is approximately 30% less than conventional pump motors. The 1073.05 will immediately stop if it is blocked. After the blockage has been removed, the pump will start up automatically after a 20 second delay. The 1073.05 also boasts all the advantages of the non-controllable versions. $203.50 + free shipping

Tunze Turbelle Silence Clamp for Stream 2 Pumps
The Tunze Turbelle Silence Clamp holder is designed for Stream and e-jet pumps. The attachment works with 6105, 6205, 6305 and e-jet pumps plus 6065.50 and 6205.50 magnet holders. Reduces pump noises for a quieter aquarium system. $16.83

Hanna Instruments Low Range Phosphate Meter w/ Kit, Case, and Standards
Phosphates are particularly important for the growth and development of plant roots, and hence are one of the most common fertilizers used in agriculture. In addition, phosphates are usually utilized in detergents and are needed, in small quantities, for heating systems. However, high concentrations of phosphates can cause environmental pollution: they are for example a primary cause of eutrophication. For these reasons, it is necessary to closely monitor the phosphate levels present in both civil and industrial waste water. $259.99 + free shipping

CoralVue MoonVue Retrofit 470nm LED Tubes w/ Power Supply & Mounting Clips
MoonVue Retro Moonlight LED Tubes have the appearance of a standard T5 tube, but they are powered by a low voltage transformer which makes them highly efficient, reliable and will bring out the stunning colors of any reef scape at night. Actinics have nothing on these stunning LED Strips when it comes to color! The beautiful blue 470mm LED’s, circuit boards and components are all encased within a durable protective tube protecting them from the harsh, salty, humid environment that is associated with mounting above saltwater aquariums. $59.99 to $89.99 each

Ecoxotic 4-Way Splitter w/ Switches
The Ecoxotic 4-way splitter allows you to connect Stunner LED strips on four separate lines to one power source. Each line has an inline switch that shuts the power on or off with a simple turn of the dial. With the 4-way splitter, you can take full advantage of Stunner LED strips linking ability and create a clean, professional installation. $12.95

Mr. Aqua 60-Gallon Frameless Glass Aquarium
This new 60-gallon cube tank from Mr. Aqua is 24″ x 24″ x 24″. Mr. Aqua aquariums are produced using high clarity glass with thicknesses ranging between 5mm to 10mm depending on the size. By eliminating the plastic frame that surrounds typical aquarium systems, the Mr. Aqua aquarium provides a clean and clear view of your aquatic life. Each glass aquarium is meticulously assembled with straight and true beveled cut glass and a fine application of high strength silicone, making the Mr Aqua aquarium not only watertight and rigid but aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. $339.99

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