New this Week, 6/13/11


Kessil A150W Special Blend LED Aquarium Lights
With its innovative design and high quality, radiant light, Kessil presents the A150W LED aquarium light. Using Dense Matrix LED technology to emulate a point-like source, A150W provides the shimmery effects of a metal halide without its excess power consumption and heat. Bring out the beauty of blue water and vivid colors of coral with the specially created spectrums of A150W. The SKY BLUE model’s distinctive spectrum emits light similar to a 10000K light, emitting a natural looking light while providing coral with optimized wavelengths. The OCEAN BLUE model’s unique mix of wavelengths closely resembles a 15000K light, creating a visually stunning effect for water and coral in your aquarium. The DEEP OCEAN BLUE model’s special blend of wavelengths emulates a 20000K light for a deep blue color that brings water to life. All models are now available for pre-order for $264.99 and include free shipping. For additional photographs, check out the album we created on Facebook.

AquaMaxx BioMaxx Plus BioPellets Filter Media
AquaMaxx BioMaxx Plus BioPellets improve water quality for fish and other marine life in saltwater aquariums. BioMaxx Plus BioPellets initiate a more efficient denitrification process that removes nitrate and phosphate from aquarium water. High nitrate and phosphate fuels algae growth and may negatively impact invertebrate or coral. Using BioMaxx Plus BioPellets inside a fluidized filter (media reactor) will help to achieve maximum results and efficiency. Use 0.5 to 1 liter of pellets for every 125 gallons of water. Starting with a low dosage and increasing over time is preferable to beginning with a higher dosage. Be sure to rinse the media before use. AquaMaxx BioMaxx Plus BioPellets are now available for $14.99 (8oz.), $26.99 (16oz.) and $49.99 (32oz.).

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Eheim Classic External Canister Filter 2211
If you’ve been searching for a small canister filter, Eheim’s Classic External Canister Filter 2211 may be just what you’re looking for. Measuring 4.3″ x 11.4″ and consuming a mere 5 watts, the 2211 is perfect for freshwater aquarium systems up to 40 gallons. A Permo-elestic silicon sealing ring fixed on the pump head makes it easy and safe to close after cleaning. A balanced pump output to canister volume ratio ensures optimum conditions in your aquarium. Plus Eheim’s classic one-chamber design allows for great flexibility in media set up for biological, mechanical, chemical and adsorptive filtration. Outfit your freshwater planted tank with this compact little canister for only $69.99.